Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Mattresses Underwater

I'm a big fan of cheesiness, so I want to point out three things about today: 1) I am waiting for my mattress to be delivered. 2) It's pouring. 3) I'm listening to the track "Mattresses Underwater." Funny coincidence? I think so.

I do not know much about the Oxford, Mississippi band Colour Revolt, but I do know that I'm hooked. Their self-titled EP is set to be re-released by Tiny Evil on September 12th; however, the making of the original EP is an interesting story:

"But it was outside any proper studio that the songs on the Colour Revolt EP took form. Scheduled to record in a friends basement in Jackson, Mississippi in late August 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck the same weekend, pushing storm evacuees into the recording space. With nowhere to record in a city lacking electricity, the band set up shop with a ProTools rig in the living room of the owner of Esperanza Plantation, a small local record label, also home to the band. Forced into a DIY approach, the band used a pair of pantyhose as a windscreen and built a vocal booth out of spare cardboard boxes and leftover brooms."
-- From the band's myspace page

I'm sure the extreme conditions, both physical and emotional, play a role in the intensity exhibited by frontman Jesse Coppenbarger on the track "Mattresses Underwater." The vocals move from whispery to unstrung while guitars talk softly back and forth before ending into swirling reverb. It's pretty, loud, epic and will satisfy your need to rock out.

Colour Revolt: Mattresses Underwater

Buy the first release edition from Esperanza Plantation from our friends at Amp Camp.

Befriend these Southern boys, download more songs, and check out their tour dates.

* * * * *

Cassettes Won't Listen is in the studio working on the follow up to the Nobody's Moving EP. You can follow the production process at CWL's website. Their are already some posts up about the new track "Jukebox Crew."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh god do those dudes ever look like they were just told their parents died.

8:04 PM  
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