Monday, August 21, 2006

Little Sounds

The worst thing about packing is that everything gets placed neatly into boxes. Those boxes are then sealed and stacked into a corner waiting for their time to be carried to the post office. Topping my list of "Saddest Things Ever" is packing up an air condition-less apartment in complete and total silence.
Fortunately, Flameshovel is streaming upcoming releases from some of their bands. The streams include the upcoming full-length Be Where I Be from my latest iPod favorites Judah Johnson. I had forgotten that I had tucked this CD in my bag, but found it this summer while I was shuffling around Queens. I like the clever lyrical play on the track "Little Sounds." The Spinners sang about a light at the end of the tunnel; however, Judah Johnson sings "Ooh, child, it won't get easier/it won't get brighter." The album is electronic, poppy, and atmospheric. And other adjectives that you are more than welcome to add to my list.

Judah Johnson: Little Sounds

Stream all of Be Where I Be.


Blogger Daniel said...

Hi. This is Daniel from Judah. I want to send you my new record but there's no email contact (that I could find). Email me at if you want to hear it. - and please delete this comment :)

2:23 PM  
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