Wednesday, August 23, 2006


If my posts had tags, one of the most popular ones would be "Mac Problems." I bought a new MacBook and in the last 48 hours, I have had two appointments at the Genius Bar. I'm starting to lose faith in the old Apple. Following the advice of Cindy Hotpoint, I took The Boy Least Likely To's personality test. Life is looking a little brighter now that it's been confirmed that I'm a fierce little kitten. Grrr. I could have come up as a purple sludge, and that's is definitely a) not cute, and b) would not have brought any sunshine to my day.

To add to my day--that brightened considerably--this ditty from The Poems showed up in my inbox. I don't normally find songs about eventual heartbreak to be particularly inspiring; however, this Scottish band did something for me today. Maybe it's the strings or the soft vocals.

The Poems: So Soon

And the excitement from my yesterday was the release of full-length Anti-Anti from Snowden. Pitchfork 7.2-ed it, which is lower than I would score the album. But will let that rest. I do, however, agree that the title track teases you with its sexiness while mocking you the entire time. "We keep it simple but make it more complex/We are anti-movements/We are anti-anti/One time we believed, but now it's passe and cliche."

Snowden: Anti-Anti

"She'll say anything to make you move again..."


Anonymous ben said...

I ws a tiger too! It made my day since tigers are amazing, and apparently i am one! anyways yay for tigers

6:02 PM  
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