Sunday, April 02, 2006

Stars of CCTV

I went to see Hard-Fi at the Warsaw last night. First, I have to put out there that I have a love-hate relationship with the Warsaw. I adore the old Polish ladies who dish out steaming hot pierogies and ice cold beer. Love them. However, I don't like the sound at the Warsaw. There's lots of muffled vocals and weirdness going on. But I digress...

The show was good and not-so-good all rolled into one. The bad: I found myself squashed between some frat boys who had driven to New York from Boston. (Was this the case at Hard-Fi's show at Mercury Lounge last summer? I don't remember them there.) There was lots of fist-pumping and grown men sweating and screaming at the top of their lungs last night.

The good: Despite his awkward banter and random stage wanderings, frontman Richard Archer is a total rock star. His vocals were lovely and spot on, and each song was incredibly tight and polished. By the time Hard-Fi played "Cash Machine," the audience was eating out of the band's collective hand. Richard Archer had the crowd jumping, singing, clapping, and screaming after mundane comments.

Archer: We're in Brooklyn!
Archer: It's the weekend!
Archer: It's Saturday night!
Archer: I'm wearing a tight black T-shirt with a tank in the bottom right-hand corner!

OK, so the last two lines are made up, but still my point is made. Throughout the set I got the feeling that Hard-Fi is itching for a stadium, and it's totally deserved. Their album hit number 1 in the UK. They have the ability to bring grown men to tears. And Archer has a roadie whose job it is to pick up his mic stand when it falls. That's big time.

Mp3 from Stars of CCTV:
Hard to Beat


Blogger jeffro said...

damn, i really wanted to go see them at Black Cat in DC, but i was zonked. stupid day job.

6:31 PM  
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