Wednesday, March 15, 2006

On Tour: Rademacher

Malcolm Sosa, the hardest working man in indie rock, wants you all to know that he and the rest of the mates from Rademacher are going on a Spring tour. They'll be trekking around the west coast in support of their latest EP Ice Age.

To get a feel for Rademacher's unique sound, The San Francisco Guardian suggests that you "conjure up Karen O, Julian Casablancas, and Tom Waits all happily coexisting, swinging on a porch swing in the sun or sliding down a slide, whatever. Got 'em all floating around in your head? 'Kay, you can open your eyes now. Open your ears too, and go out and hear Rademacher."

To get you started, here's a sparkling new track:

Never Hear From Me (mp3)

Buy their EP Ice Age. See Rademacher live. Live healthy, wealthy, and wise.

April 12
Arcata, California: Sacred Grounds

April 13
Portland, Oregon: Towne Lounge

April 14
Olympia, Washington: Yes Yes Alliance

April 15
Seatle Washington: SS Marie Antoinette

April 21
Visalia, California: Howie's Pizza

April 22
Fresno, California: Earth Day (Federal Courthouse Park)

April 23
San Francisco, California: Make Out Room

Although Rademacher's Spring tour won't lead them to the east coast, keep your fingers crossed. I think the way to Malcolm's heart is through his stomach, so start scoping out some good brunch places, New York.


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