Thursday, March 09, 2006

No Midnight

Finian McKean and Patrick Brennan are now the Wild Palms. New Yorkers can experience the fruits of their collaborative effort this Friday at 10 pm at Pete's Candy Store. The show is a cheap beats special because it's F-R-E-E.

Be Finian McKean's MySpace friend and stream some good music.

Other stuff...

Division Day: Hurricane
You can pre-order Division Day's upcoming full-length Beartrap Island here. If you haven't scooped up the free mp3 goodies at their band site yet, you really should. I have a feeling that Beartrap Island will not disappoint.

Birdmonster: The Resurrection Song
Birdmonster has posted new songs that you can stream on their MySpace page. They're nice unmastered teasers from their upcoming LP. Birdmonster's full-length is also pre-order-able here.


Anonymous finian said...

thanx nikki...

this blog rules! i guess i'm biased but hey....

luv finian

10:15 AM  

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