Friday, March 17, 2006

Leaving for the Weekend

I'm off to Madison , Wisconsin tomorrow. I'm sure that doesn't generate the buzz of excitment as "I'm off to SXSW tomorrow," but nobody's perfect. I'm not sure if I will have time to post while I'm away, so I wanted to leave you with some of what I'm listening to now:

The Lovely Feathers: In the Valley
This Montreal band is receiving much blogger love, and I understand completely. I just received The Lovely Feathers' album Hind Hind Legs, and I had some time to check it out today. I'm becoming addicted to the track "Wrong Choice" and the track "Pope John Paul" receives equal adoration. I think "Pope John Paul" an instant show classic with it's catchy chorus. I'm ready to yell "Krakow, Poland" with the best of them.

Irving: Situation
Irving's new album Blood on the Flowers, Death in the Garden has provided the soundtrack for my hour-plus ride to work. The album is amazingly good.

The Fiery Furnaces: I'm in No Mood
This song just hits close to home. That's all.

The Undisputed Heavyweights: Bitches Be Trippin' (Live)
I saw the Heavyweights play at Piano's a few weeks ago. The show was this wonderful folk-jazz-loungey religious rival. I haven't seen such pure joy on people's faces as I did the night the Heavyweights played. After the show, Wes explained: "You might have only seen four people on stage, but there were really five. Jesus. He was there, too."

Matisyahu: King Without a Crown
This week, my second graders reminded me that Matisyahu is one sweet Haisidic Jewish raggae artist. To summarize the conversation in my classroom: He's got a beard and can spit out cool beats.

Sorry for the spotty descriptions. My flight leaves at 6:00 am tomorrow and I haven't packed yet. I have to get on that!


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