Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Jose Gonzalez at Other Music

Last night Katie and I went to see Jose Gonzalez give an in-store performance at Other Music. We were silly dorks who showed up way late and had to stand in the back, so we saw a lot of backs of heads. However, what we heard was mesmerizing. Like Dan pointed out in an earlier post, it's amazing that so many beautiful sounds are produced by one man with a guitar. Jose Gonzalez's voice is so crisp and clear, and each song is delivered with such purpose. He played a lot of my favorite songs including a lovely cover of Massive Attack's "Teardrop."

Mp3's from Veneer:

His show at Joe's Pub is sold out, but you can catch Jose Gonzalez on The Conan O'Brian Show tonight.

He doesn't talk much, but you can be Jose Gonzalez's friend.


Blogger Static said...

u dont have the cover of teardrop do u =( .. upload that if u do!... i shall not rest till i have it /fist raise in the air


11:54 PM  
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