Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Finian McKean and the Wild Palms

I post on Finian McKean tons and tons, but I can't help it. It's this habit that I can't kick, but at least it's a good one, right?

This Friday, Finian McKean and the Wild Palms are celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Maxwell's in New Jersey. Showtime is at 9:00 pm.

And in other Finian McKean news, he has launched the label And For Each Only in honor of his official releasing and deluxe packaging of his album Shades Are Drawn. The website And For Each Only has a some good mp3 goodies including a few tracks from his days with the Push Kings. [EDIT: I have the name of Finian's label all jumbled. It's And Each For Only. The links are all fixed, so you can check out the label site now. Sorry for the mix up.]

Finian McKean: Shades Are Drawn (mp3)
Push Kings: Mrs. McKean (mp3)


Anonymous finian mckean said...

the push kings ride again!!!


luv finian

11:18 AM  

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