Friday, March 24, 2006

Band of Horses

Band of Horses debut album Everything All the Time received an 8.8 on the Pitchfork scale. Pitchfork reviewer Stephen M. Deusner referred to the band's sound as "quietly innovative and genuinely refreshing" and highlighted Band of Horses' ability to turn "despondency into indie majesty." Everything All the Time has a gentle epic quality to it in which each song swells with palpable emotion yet feels neither overwhelming nor contrived. I have a feeling that this album will become a staple in my music collection.

The free tracks on the Band of Horses band site have made the blogger rounds, so check out the goodies below:

San Diego Serenade has some great live tracks from a Band of Horses show in Seattle.

And Bows + Arrows has tracks from Carissa's Wierd, Mat Brooke and Ben Bridwell's band before Band of Horses.


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