Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I posted about Nest a few months ago; however, that was before I had the chance to listen to their EP Nest from beginning to end. I still think Ayana's lyrics are soul-crushing, but the EP takes the beginnings and endings of romance full circle.

Stream songs from their EP. Or better yet, buy a copy for yourself.

Odds and ends...

Chan Marshall cancelled her shows, but these New Yorkers are still going strong:

Finian Mckean: Black Hole
Saturday, February 11th at Mo Pitkins

Beat Radio: A Million Miles
Grand National: Drink to Moving On (not from NYC, but...)
Wednesday, February 15th at Hiro Ballroom

The Undisputed Heavyweights: Roll Your Windows Down
Thursday, February 16th at Southpaw

Dirty on Purpose: To Forget
Friday, February 17th at Northsix


Anonymous collette said...

Oh -- nice call on posting Dirty On Purpose! I loooove those boys...XXOO C

10:56 PM  

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