Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lupen Crook

"Whereas folk music is traditionally seen as a means to give voice to the ideas of everyday people, Crook takes those common ideas and shines his own metaphorical black light upon them, exposing what are oftentimes unsettling notions about things which have long been taken for granted." -- Under the Radar Magazine

British singer-songwriter Lupen Crook is 3 parts disturbing and 7 parts intriguing. He writes folk music that definitely takes a walk on the dark side; topics such as suicide, rape, and dead animals aren't really first choice topics for pop music nowadays. However, I like Lupen Crook's simplistic style which is highly noticable in "Urban Fox Hunting." There's lots of guitar with an organ rounding out the sound at the end.
You can stream more songs at Lupen Crook's MySpace page.


Blogger Katie said...

Hey I thought you might be interested in checking out this Lupen Crook video featurette shot in NYC last month. They're coming back to town in September for more shows + recording an album!

Enjoy! (And feel free to link, embed, share this video wherever you like)

You can watch it in high quality here:

or on YouTube here:

1:57 PM  
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