Thursday, February 09, 2006


The Arrogants, who have provided the soundtrack for my non-existant love life, would like to provide the background music for yours. Their third full-length album You've Always Known Best When to Say Goodbye... is a 23-song love ballad. The songs vary from sweet, to poppy, to moody and mellow. One Chord described lead singer Jana Heller's voice as "a voice that lightens hearts and make the crews of icebreakers unemployed with it's melting power."

Purchase this CD from Tweekitten for only $7.50 plus shipping. You can also download the entire CD through Paypal.

I Want You
Wishing Well


Anonymous remco - the netherlands said...

just wanna say that you have an awsome blog, i have download a couple of the mp3s and i think you have a great taste of music, i am especially greatfull for the songs by tarkio (didnt knew about first band of decemberists singer) and tandemoro's lock your door-mp3!

12:37 PM  
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