Saturday, February 04, 2006

Lock your doors

Today was turning out to be a bad day. It's raining and gross outside, and my socks are wet. I can't go home and change my socks because I've locked myself out of my apartment. This has all led up to a very difficult conversation with my super who doesn't understand why I need to get back in my apartment today, or tomorrow for that matter. However, he has grudgingly agreed to let me in... sometime... later... hopefully... tonight. To kill time, I'm currently holed up in a coffeehouse where two 10 year olds are playing the sitar and bongos. Being a teacher, I should probably be very supportive of their artistic endeavors. However, frankly put: they're not that good.

However, things are looking up after listening to the Lock Your Doors EP from the LA-band Tandemoro. Started by Mike Griffin and Mike Schanzlin, Tandemoro is dedicated to 1) free music and 2) getting people to dance at their live shows. See what you think...

Lock Your Doors

You can download Tandemoro's EPs Lock Your Doors and Drop Us a Line here.


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