Sunday, February 19, 2006


Irving is Alex Church (bass), Steven Scott (guitar), Brian Canning (guitar), Brent Turner (drums), and Aaron Burrows (keyboards). They have a critically eclaimed LP and EP under their belts and are about to release their second LP Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers. I think the boys of Irving are super talented and their EP I Hope You're Feeling Better Now is a personal favorite. Irving's music shows that indie pop can be intelligent, witty, and danceable.

Irving is currently on tour promoting their upcoming release. I'm looking forward to the album, and their bio definitely talks it up: "Death In The Garden, Blood On The Flowers is the result of five musicians and their distinct influences, bound by an uncanny knack for melody and harmony.... Irving corrals its many distinct influences into a clear vision. From the oblique percussive start of the title track, to the psych-pop chaos of "Situation" to the so-bizarre-it-works background breathing on "I Want To Love You In My Room," the band pulls unforgettable hooks out of the most unlikely places."

Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers will be released on April 4th; however, Eenie Meenie Records will have the upcoming album on presale soon.

From Blood in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers:Situation
From I Hope You're Feeling Better: I Can't Fall in Love
From Good Morning Beautiful: Turn of the Century

I can no longer make promises about seeing bands since my snotty loved ones like to foil my plans; however, you can promise to catch Irving on tour.

March 12: The Casbah (San Diego, CA)
March 13: Plush (Tucson, AZ)
March 15: SXSW - Velvet Spade Patio (Austin, TX)
March 17: SXSW - Moonshine (Austin, TX)
April1: Kilby Court w/ Jana Hunter (Salt Lake City, UT)
April 2: Hi Dive w/ Jana Hunter (Denver, CO)
April 7: MACRock Festival w/ Voxtrot (Harrisonburg, VA)
April 8: DC9 w/ Voxtrot (Washington, DC)
April 9: Mercury Lounge w/ Voxtrot (New York, NY)
April 10: Mercury Lounge w/ Voxtrot (New York, NY)
April 11: LuLu Wang Center w/ Voxtrot (Wellesley, MA)
April 12: La Sala Rossa w/ Voxtrot (Montreal, QC)
April 13: Sneaky Dee's w/ Voxtrot (Toronto, ON)
April 14: Lager House w/ Voxtrot (Detroit, MI)
April 22: Emo's w/ Voxtrot (Austin, TX)


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