Saturday, February 18, 2006


As I explained to Wes the other day, my second graders are really fond of snot. They like to watch it dribble out of their noses. They stretch it, roll it, and clap it. They like to put it down, switch it, and reverse it. Because of this, I live in a constant state of sickness. Yesterday, I took the day off from work, which was a good thing since I lost my voice... again. Normally, I become a Cranky McCrankster when I'm holed up in my apartment all day. However, I devoted Friday to throwing myself a sicky pity party and listening to new music. I had some new albums that I hadn't had the chance to listen to truly and full-heartedly, and now I'm a much better person for it.

trespassers william is Matt Brown, Ross Simonini, Jamie Williams, and Anna-Lynne Williams. Together they create one of the most melancholy, dream-like landscapes with word and sound. Rock Sound describes Anna-Lynne's voice as: "immediately lovable and her inconsolable world-weariness completely convincing. Moving, even. Each song unfolds through a swathe of reverb and allows Anna-Lynne acres of space to express her woes with quiet dignity." trespassers williams remind me a bit of Aimee Mann. The songs are tender and painful; yet, the despair is presented in a way that makes dwelling in loneliness a lovely state in which to be.
trespassers william's third album having will be released on February 28th. While you wait, download their Live Session EP from iTunes, stream some songs from having, and be their MySpace friend.

A Brief Smile...

Rachael is on a mission to make A Brief Smile the biggest band ever. The band sent Rachael a few rough cuts from their upcoming album and she has them posted for our listening pleasure. Although the tracks are unmastered, I think they sound great: full of energy, dancey, and fun.

A Brief Smile is playing a sold out show at the Bowery Ballroom this month with the Fray and Cary Brothers. They are also playing a show in March at Rothko on March 8th with Say Hi to Your Mom and The Head Set.
Thanks again, Rachael, for the new tracks!


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