Tuesday, February 21, 2006

China's Indie Music Scene

Today I received an email from Ian Sherman of Tag Team Records. It was a PR email with a different twist: This record label promotes Chinese indie bands. Hmmm. The goal of Tag Team Records is to "broaden the scope of DIY/Independent music as the world knows it through releasing culturally relevant, like-minded artists from unlikely locations on an international scale." To that end, Tag Team Records features bands from Norway, Holland, and China. China. I guess China has a small, yet burgeoning indie music scene. I have to be honest and admit that I'm a sucker for lyrics, which makes it really difficult for me to get into the tracks posted on Tag Team's web site. Taking German and French in high school doesn't pay off when you're listening to songs in Mandarin. However, I do appreciate the atmospheric quality to the songs I selected for this post. Check out the mp3s from Tag Team's Lonely China Day and Du Yun. I especially like the Du Yun track.

Lonely China Day: Thou
Du Yun: Stay


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