Thursday, February 02, 2006

Cassettes Won't Listen

Here's a new track from Cassettes Won't Listen, aka Jason Drake. It's a little teaser for more good things to come on the next EP. Maybe I'm a wee bit biased because he lived in New Orleans for a while, but I forsee more great music to come.

Tonight is Gone

If you haven't checked out Cassettes Won't Listen's EP Nobody's Moving, you can sample some tracks here. I like the Nobody's Moving EP. URB likes the EP. likes the EP. Soon you'll like the EP and want to download it from iTunes.

And to all you New Yorkers: Cassettes Won't Listen is hosting a contest to win two tickets to his February 23rd at Piano's. All you have to do is sign up to be his MySpace friend. I guess you can bribe friends with candy.

Odds and ends...
Bears has a new and improved web site to go along with their first album, which will be released in March.


Anonymous dan said...

just a thought/observation:

Are bands named after old school listening formats (tapes n' tapes, cassettes won't listen) going to take over the new wolf band names (wolf parade, aids wolf, sea wolf, wolfmother)???

11:36 AM  

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