Monday, January 02, 2006

Jeremy and Blake are proud papas

If Jets to Brazil and Sunny Day Real Estate had a baby, it would be the Nebraska band Tie These Hands. Tie These Hands is Naum Stauffer, Seth Stauffer, Aram Stauffer, and Todd Benson.

The soaring guitars and vocals will remind you of "Blankets Under the Stairs" with a little signature Schwarzenbach melancholia sprinkled in for good measure.

Fight the Change
Driving a Street
Grow or End

Odds and ends...
Tapes'n'Tapes is playing three times in New York City the week of January 8th. That's called working it. I have many options, but I think I want to see them when they play Mercury Lounge on January 9th with Finian McKean, Soft Explosions, and the Twenty Twos. This line up is amazing, and going to this show on Monday will be a true test of my ability to stay up late on a school night. I'll make it happen.

Tapes'n'Tapes: Cowbell
Soft Explosions: Sister Come On
Finian McKean: Black Hole


Blogger jerry yeti said...

Four Times! The Delancey, Pianos, Mercury Lounge, and Rothko.

See you monday.

10:46 AM  
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