Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Can't dance, but that's ok.

Sorry for neglecting the blog. I've been in New Orleans for the last few days, and I stopped posting before and during the big trip down south. It was wonderful to be back in New Orleans; however, it was definitely a bittersweet homecoming. I took a walk through my former neighborhood, which now resembles a ghost town, and also managed to get into the school that I taught at before coming to New York. It was all very surreal, and I'm sure that I will post more about it after the experience sinks in a bit more.

With that, on to the music.

In the Indie Don't Dance in-box...
Puppetbox: Can't Dance. Hey, it's been awhile but we at Puppetbox never rest. We have been recording again and I thought that you should be the first to hear this new song, why? because it is somewhat inspired by your blog! Someone said (jokingly?) that we should just make dance songs so we decided to give it a shot, and this is what we came up with! I hope you like it, it's a mild departure from some of our stuff but fun nonetheless.

John from Puppetbox

I'm sure that you know already that Puppetbox is my favorite post-geek synth rock band. The track "Can't Wait" is definitely as raw and unique as their other songs; however, I think the boys of Puppetbox have really stretched and showed their dancey potential on this one. Despite their claims to mediocre dancing, I say break out the shoes.

You can buy Puppetbox's album 5% Louder Than Normal here.


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