Sunday, December 04, 2005

Oh, so sad...

What a weekend I have had. On Friday, I officially lost my voice. I managed to get through the day squeaking like a dying goose and fortunately, my students took pity on me. No rioting and no evil taking advantage of the teacher.

I knew my weekend was shot: no voice = no fun. So, I decided to tool around the Internet and see what's up. However, after 2 years of togetherness, my iBook decided that it was time to end our relationship. In short, it died. On Saturday, still voiceless, I took my laptop to Tekserve and cried like an idiot when they said they had no idea what was wrong with my iBook. I'm sure the guys there are used to it, but still. It was definitely not my greatest moment of strength. Normally, I wouldn't cry, but I'm applying to graduate school and my application essay is on my now defunct laptop.

Voiceless and iBook-less, I had to miss Rachel's shindig at Piano's. I sat at home lamenting the state of my life. I blew my nose a lot, drank a lot of wine, and listened to a lot of music.


I'm done being a sad sack, and I'm currently using my friend's iBook (hopefully this one won't die). Her time is set to Israeli time, so I'm posting at 4:00 am. That's cool. However, what is not cool is that my posting will probably be infrequent until Tekserve or Apple can provide me with a working iBook.

Odds and ends...
I was writing lesson plans (by hand) at the Tea Lounge today. My best bud was with me (she was writing her lesson plans on her computer, but I digress). We're working hard when a guy with whom she went out on a blind date walks right on in, looks at her, and quickly turns around. Umm... Was she just dissed? I think so.

Wolf Parade: You Are A Runner
godheadSilo: Relationshit


Blogger Rachael said...

aw i'm so sorry! good luck with your iBook and i hope you feel better. don't worry about missing Saturday, there will be more!

10:38 AM  

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