Thursday, December 29, 2005

Heads hang heavy...

Hijack the Disco is the California three-piece Michael Mahoney, Dave Tsui, and Trevor Wencl. Hijack the Disco already has a few EPs under their belt and causing quite the buzz. After one listen of "Way 2 Go," you'll appreciate the layered vocals, hand claps, and the way the bass line flirts with you througout the song.

Way 2 Go

Stream more Hijack the Disco tunes at their MySpace page.

Cap'n Jazz: Little League. Because Hijack the Disco reminded me that once upon a time I really liked Cap'n Jazz. Yes, mom. Even when they scream at the end.

Odds and ends...
To those in New York: Doveman is playing a show at Tonic on Friday, January 3oth.


I posted on the Bound Stems last month. Today, they are's Band of the Day. Go here to vote for them.


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