Thursday, December 22, 2005

From Brooklyn to the Bronx

My co-worker's car broke down late last night, so she's trying to get it fixed in time for us to go to work. Considering that we are supposed to be at work by 9:15 am and it is now 8:12 am... and that it takes at least 2.5 hours to drive to the Bronx in traffic... and also consider how slowly auto mechanics work (no offense)... I'm thinking that: 1) I will get to work very late; and 2) I've got some time to kill.

Drake is on Dope Lotus Records. I'm sure there is some nifty way to describe this music, but words are failing me at this early hour. However, if I just tell you that I like the electricfied-indie music by Drake, would that be good enough?

Around Midnight
It Wasn't My Day.

Read while drinking your coffee...
The Rawking Refuses to Stop! has a great post in response to the Los Angeles Times' article on Ryan Adams.

Songs:Illinois has some great tracks from the Chicago band Low Skies.


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