Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dour loveliness

An interesting fact about the computer that I'm using today: The "five" and "seven" keys do not work. So, I must avoid these numbers at all costs.

Empty Rooms: Try Again. The quote on the Empty Room's Myspace page reads: "So indie, we're all alone." I have a feeling they won't be alone for very long. The California band Empty Rooms recently released their debut self-titled EP. Lead singer Andy Beyers' has one of the moodiest, lovliest, and addictive voices I have heard in a while.

Definitely check out Empty Room's Myspace page and listen to the track "Form Has Two Faces." This is the song that hooked me. The song features Carly Schneider from Finest Dearest, and her vocals mix nicely with Beyers'.

Like honey to a bee...
Bears has posted some new songs for your listening pleasure on their MySpace page. I recommend the songs "Never Have to Guess" and "Still Alright." I like the psychadelic pop feel.

Odds and ends...
I'm jealous of all of you who live in San Francisco. On Wednesday, there is a great show at Cafe Du Nord featuring the bands minipop, Send For Help, and Birdmonster. It's actually a "battle of the bands" type show sponsored by a radio station that features the number five in it's name. The winner of the contest gets to open for Death Cab for Cutie and White Stripes on Friday.


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