Tuesday, December 20, 2005

5 teachers + 4 hours + 3 boroughs = 1 long commute

I didn't really mind that New York City's transit workers went on strike today. It was actually really amazing to watch the crowd of people walking across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise. And from my seat in my colleague's car, New York never looked lovely in the sunlight.

I only have one complaint about my commute today: radio stations are awful. I mean really, really awful. There were no CDs in the car. None. So we were left with the radio. I suffered through "Feliz Navidad," lots of songs about "blazin' guns," and the sweet, soulful stylings of Lindsay Lohan. I'm a trooper and I made it through. By the time I arrived at work at 11:30 am, my students and I celebrated by singing "July, July!" at the top of our lungs.

El Ten Eleven: Thinking Loudly. Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty are El Ten Eleven. New York City radio stations do not play El Ten Eleven on the radio, and that's a shame. "Thinking Loudly" would have provided the perfect soundtrack while watching the sunrise from the Brookly-Queens Expressway this morning. This song is purely instrumental with highly addictive bass lines and drum beats. No blazin' guns. No pop princess cooing.

Buy El Ten Eleven's self-titled album at Bar/None Records.


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