Friday, December 30, 2005

I hear you drowning...

More great music from California. Letting Up Despite Great Faults is singer-songwriter m.Lee. His music a delicious mix of guitars, synthesized beats, and heart-bending lyrics. These are truly beautiful songs.

I Hear You Drowning But I'm Tied (highly recommended)
Maybe I'll Hide With You

Stream more songs at Letting Up's MySpace page.

Odds and ends...
I'm leaving my parents' home in Ohio today. It's been fun, but it's about time.

Dirty on Purpose: Monument
Green Ghosts: Hospitals of America
Student Film: D Sanchez
Magic Bullets: Christmastime
Chocolate Genius Inc.: It's Going Wrong
Tie These Hands: Fight the Change
Beat Radio: A Million Miles
This Band Is A Ship: Furnaces

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Heads hang heavy...

Hijack the Disco is the California three-piece Michael Mahoney, Dave Tsui, and Trevor Wencl. Hijack the Disco already has a few EPs under their belt and causing quite the buzz. After one listen of "Way 2 Go," you'll appreciate the layered vocals, hand claps, and the way the bass line flirts with you througout the song.

Way 2 Go

Stream more Hijack the Disco tunes at their MySpace page.

Cap'n Jazz: Little League. Because Hijack the Disco reminded me that once upon a time I really liked Cap'n Jazz. Yes, mom. Even when they scream at the end.

Odds and ends...
To those in New York: Doveman is playing a show at Tonic on Friday, January 3oth.


I posted on the Bound Stems last month. Today, they are's Band of the Day. Go here to vote for them.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


No One 2. I am in love with this song. "No One 2" is a masterful hodge-podge of found sounds. Stomping, beating, and clapping set the background as Anamude's fragile voice weaves everything together.

Anamude is singer/songwriter Ana Hortillosa. Her voice is amazing and the spareness of her songs forces you to sit down and pay attention.

Improbable Airplane
Confetti in the Sea

Anamude just created her MySpace page. Listen to her music and then be her friend.

Odds and ends...
I added new blogs to my sidebar. There's just so much good stuff out there.

I Guess I'm Floating: Connor and Nathaniel run iGIF and it is one of the best new blogs around. iGIF has only been around since November, and it's a blog that I check regularly. Connor and Nathaniel write wonderful album and track reviews and post great mp3s for your general consumption. I think they have great taste in music. That's what I think.

Cameron Dehyle: Another mp3 blog. Cameron just started a new weekly feature titled "Meet My Neighbor," in which he will a post about a blogger who is a fantastic source for new music. Cameron has a nice conversational style to his posts and he also features some great contests.

The Rawking Refuses to Stop: Like bands, I sometimes have crushes on blogs. Here's one of them.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Play Radio Play!

Play Radio Play! is 16-year-old Dan Hunter from Aledo, Texas. He is a multi-talented singer-songwriter who creates sweet indie electronic pop that is reminicent of The Postal Service. I like Play Radio Play!'s enthusiasm for creating music and it shines through in each song.

1. 2. 3. Entertain.
Great Baltimore Fire

Download more tracks from Play Radio Play's Purevolume site and then be his MySpace friend. Play Radio Play also sends free t-shirts and CDs to adoring fans. All you have to do is ask.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

From Brooklyn to the Bronx

My co-worker's car broke down late last night, so she's trying to get it fixed in time for us to go to work. Considering that we are supposed to be at work by 9:15 am and it is now 8:12 am... and that it takes at least 2.5 hours to drive to the Bronx in traffic... and also consider how slowly auto mechanics work (no offense)... I'm thinking that: 1) I will get to work very late; and 2) I've got some time to kill.

Drake is on Dope Lotus Records. I'm sure there is some nifty way to describe this music, but words are failing me at this early hour. However, if I just tell you that I like the electricfied-indie music by Drake, would that be good enough?

Around Midnight
It Wasn't My Day.

Read while drinking your coffee...
The Rawking Refuses to Stop! has a great post in response to the Los Angeles Times' article on Ryan Adams.

Songs:Illinois has some great tracks from the Chicago band Low Skies.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Margot and the Nuclear So and So's

I heard Margot and the Nuclear So and So's on one of WOXY's Lounge Acts broadcasts. Margot and the Nuclear So and So's are an eight-piece out of Indiana. Their LP The Dust of Retreat is based upon the musicians imaginings of how Greenwich Village might have been in the 60's. The result is an album of stories set to pop-folk music that is punctuated by horns, layered guitars, and a melodica for good measure.

A Sea Chanty of Sorts (live)
Vampires in Blue Dresses (live)

Stream more songs here and then be their MySpace friend.

Odds and ends...
Check out Rachael's posts "The Buzz on Blogs" parts one and two at The Underrated Blog. She has some good thoughts about how blogs create buzz around artists.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

5 teachers + 4 hours + 3 boroughs = 1 long commute

I didn't really mind that New York City's transit workers went on strike today. It was actually really amazing to watch the crowd of people walking across the Brooklyn Bridge at sunrise. And from my seat in my colleague's car, New York never looked lovely in the sunlight.

I only have one complaint about my commute today: radio stations are awful. I mean really, really awful. There were no CDs in the car. None. So we were left with the radio. I suffered through "Feliz Navidad," lots of songs about "blazin' guns," and the sweet, soulful stylings of Lindsay Lohan. I'm a trooper and I made it through. By the time I arrived at work at 11:30 am, my students and I celebrated by singing "July, July!" at the top of our lungs.

El Ten Eleven: Thinking Loudly. Kristian Dunn and Tim Fogarty are El Ten Eleven. New York City radio stations do not play El Ten Eleven on the radio, and that's a shame. "Thinking Loudly" would have provided the perfect soundtrack while watching the sunrise from the Brookly-Queens Expressway this morning. This song is purely instrumental with highly addictive bass lines and drum beats. No blazin' guns. No pop princess cooing.

Buy El Ten Eleven's self-titled album at Bar/None Records.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Catch my disease

The Changes: When I Wake. The Underrated has been singing the praises of the Chicago quartet the Changes for a while, and I'm going to add my voice to the chorus. The Changes are feeding my current poppy indie music addiction with this melodic song. "When I Wake" reminds me of those shimmering classic 80's songs that bring a smile to your face.

Purchase their self-titled EP here and then be their MySpace friend.

The Changes will be in New York City to play a few shows:
December 15th: Rothko (with Lakota, The Diggs, Five O'Clock Heroes, and Morning Theft)
December 16th: Trash Bar
December 17th: Mercury Lounge

Cassettes Won't Listen: Cutting Balloons. I have a crush on the band Cassettes Won't Listen. We were introduced by radio station WOXY and it's been doodled hearts on notebooks ever since. "Cutting Balloons" is a poppy, electronic indie masterpiece that includes a punchy booty-shaking drum beat that I find infectious.

This four-peice band released their EP Keep Moving in November. You can download it for $4.49 from iTunes.

A heads-up for all the New York City locals: Cassette's Won't Listen are playing at Piano's on February 23rd. Mark your calendars.

Odds and ends...
Ahh, the lovely men at the Tekserve have fixed my iBook! I can't wait to pick it up tonight.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Dour loveliness

An interesting fact about the computer that I'm using today: The "five" and "seven" keys do not work. So, I must avoid these numbers at all costs.

Empty Rooms: Try Again. The quote on the Empty Room's Myspace page reads: "So indie, we're all alone." I have a feeling they won't be alone for very long. The California band Empty Rooms recently released their debut self-titled EP. Lead singer Andy Beyers' has one of the moodiest, lovliest, and addictive voices I have heard in a while.

Definitely check out Empty Room's Myspace page and listen to the track "Form Has Two Faces." This is the song that hooked me. The song features Carly Schneider from Finest Dearest, and her vocals mix nicely with Beyers'.

Like honey to a bee...
Bears has posted some new songs for your listening pleasure on their MySpace page. I recommend the songs "Never Have to Guess" and "Still Alright." I like the psychadelic pop feel.

Odds and ends...
I'm jealous of all of you who live in San Francisco. On Wednesday, there is a great show at Cafe Du Nord featuring the bands minipop, Send For Help, and Birdmonster. It's actually a "battle of the bands" type show sponsored by a radio station that features the number five in it's name. The winner of the contest gets to open for Death Cab for Cutie and White Stripes on Friday.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Oh, so sad...

What a weekend I have had. On Friday, I officially lost my voice. I managed to get through the day squeaking like a dying goose and fortunately, my students took pity on me. No rioting and no evil taking advantage of the teacher.

I knew my weekend was shot: no voice = no fun. So, I decided to tool around the Internet and see what's up. However, after 2 years of togetherness, my iBook decided that it was time to end our relationship. In short, it died. On Saturday, still voiceless, I took my laptop to Tekserve and cried like an idiot when they said they had no idea what was wrong with my iBook. I'm sure the guys there are used to it, but still. It was definitely not my greatest moment of strength. Normally, I wouldn't cry, but I'm applying to graduate school and my application essay is on my now defunct laptop.

Voiceless and iBook-less, I had to miss Rachel's shindig at Piano's. I sat at home lamenting the state of my life. I blew my nose a lot, drank a lot of wine, and listened to a lot of music.


I'm done being a sad sack, and I'm currently using my friend's iBook (hopefully this one won't die). Her time is set to Israeli time, so I'm posting at 4:00 am. That's cool. However, what is not cool is that my posting will probably be infrequent until Tekserve or Apple can provide me with a working iBook.

Odds and ends...
I was writing lesson plans (by hand) at the Tea Lounge today. My best bud was with me (she was writing her lesson plans on her computer, but I digress). We're working hard when a guy with whom she went out on a blind date walks right on in, looks at her, and quickly turns around. Umm... Was she just dissed? I think so.

Wolf Parade: You Are A Runner
godheadSilo: Relationshit

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Emotionally stable

The Heights: Vertigo. Here is some indie pop sugar from the Dutch band The Heights. This song reminds me of old school Liz Phair when she still did obscene things with men and her guitar.

The Heights hail from Noordwijk, Holland, and named their band after a Mountain Goats' song. They released their LP Beachyhead in October to some good reviews... that are all written in Dutch, so I'm going on the word of my Dutch friend Florentine. Don't worry; we can trust her.

Odds and ends...
Songs:Illinois has a great post on Edith Frost and some new mp3s from her album It's a Game. The song "Playmate" will make you stop for air.