Tuesday, November 01, 2005

We still love Matt Pond PA

Matt Pond PA: Grave's Disease. Richard Paloeichuk was nice enough to send sketches that he drew at the Matt Pond PA show at First Ave in Minneapolis. I think this one is particularly beautiful, so I'm pairing it with one of my favorite Matt Pond PA songs. And if you haven't given Several Arrows Later a chance, I would. The O.C. or not, the music is still quality.

Ice Cream Headache: Guantanamo. With lyrics like " I don't wanna go to Guantanamo! / They got junkyard dogs and Karl Rove in Guantanamo!," I'm assuming Bush doesn't have Ice Cream Headache on his list of favorites. However, you can listen and decide for yourself.

Odds and ends...
Trick and the Heartstrings: Music U Want 2 Dance 2. On Saturday, November 5th, Trick and the Heartstrings are playing a show at Mercury Lounge. I've posted on these guys before. I told you they were amazing then, and I bet they still are.


Blogger Rachael said...

yes, we do still love matt pond pa. thanks for the tune :)

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