Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Not Too Hard

Soft: Higher. This song is just right. "Higher" is a little Oasis-y, a little Stone Roses-esque; lovely, echoing harmonies set alongside crashing drums and guitars. I'm not sure what to say about the New York-based band Soft that would be fitting enough. In a recent interview with PopMatters, lead singer John Reineck explained, "these songs [that we're writing], I envision them being played in a soccer stadium filled with 80,000 fans." I can totally see that in this band's future. KCRW and KEXP have Soft's songs in rotation, their EP is #5 on InSound's best seller list, and now they are on my IPod.

Buy the Soft EP from Insound.

Nest: Talking In Your Sleep. Today is the day for amazingly beautiful songs. Nest is Ayana (vocals), Ivan (piano), Greg (guitar), and Karen (drums). Together they created "Talking In Your Sleep," a melodic and honest song about a relationship coming to an end. Here's a taste: "Last year was a good year/ the kind that could serve as a model for other years/ I must have some bargaining power/ After all, don't you still love me?" Can't you see her perched on the edge of the bed watching her lover sleep as she whispers her plea? I don't know about you, butI'm crushed.

Nest's EP is due out in December. So mark your calendars and download this song in the meantime.


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