Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm on the curb smiling

Bound Stems: Wake Up, Ma and Pa Are Gone. There are times when I am reminded completely as to why I love music. The Chicago-based band Bound Stems has added another song to my collection of Music That Matters. The track starts off whispery and hushed, and slowly begins to build with the support of a drum that kicks along with the bass. I love how different sounds are layered on top of one another; the effect creates a lovely lush and full sound. As you head off for your Thanksgiving vacations, take this song about homecoming along with you. "Well I shake my head at how perfect some song is sounding in my car." How many of us have said this exactly? Now you can think and sing it all at the same time.

Buy their EP The Logic of Building the Body Plan at Insound.


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