Sunday, November 06, 2005

I Want It That Way

Rocky Votolato: White Daisy Passing. Here's my new obsession: Rocky Votolato. "White Daisy Passing" has beautful harmonies backed by a simple guitar melody. The lyrics will take your breath away: "Please slow it down/ There's a secret magic password that you only notice when you're looking back at it/All I want to do is turn around/I'm going down to sleep on the bottom of the ocean." Barsuk is releasing his album Makers in January. Until then check out the mp3s below from Rocky's previous albums.

Suicide Medicine
Without Eyes Still Seeing
Odds and ends...
Pedro the Lion: The Longest Winter. David Bazan is currently on tour with Headphones. That's special and all, but I am really missing some good Pedro the Lion. I need some morality songs that remind me of what Jesus would do. I suppose Page France will hold me over for now, but not for too long. David Bazan is playing some solo dates in December. He won't be in my neighborhood, but maybe he's stopping by yours.

Sun 12/04: San Francisco CA - Bottom of the Hill - w/ Rosie Thomas
Tue 12/06: Los Angeles CA - Knitting Factory Hollywood - w/ Rosie Thomas
Wed 12/07: Los Angeles CA - Largo - w/ Rosie Thomas
Fri 12/09: Seattle WA - The Crocodile Cafe - w/ Rosie Thomas

The Underrated Magazine's seventh issue release party is on November 18th at Crash Mansion. On Friday, Rachael posted the musical guide to the issue seven, and it is lovely and amazing. This was to be expected considering she has awesome taste in music. Make sure you check it out.

Said the Gramophone led me to this funny video of two college roommates lip synching to The Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way." Make sure you watch the guy on the left. He's loving it.

Love songs...
Lately my love life has been mimicking the song Hey, Boy (The Blow). However, last night I was pumped because I had a date with, what seemed like, a normal, artistic fellow. I thought maybe this encounter will be like Feels like Falling in Love (The Arrogants). But, ladies and gentlemen, I'm sad to report that it was more like We Can't Work It Out (Biirdie). I hoping sooner than later I'll click with someone who will burst into Cinnamon (The Long Winters) whenever he's around me.

The NYC Marathon route is on my street. Last year, I tried to dodge and weave in between the runners. That was a bad idea. This year I won't leave my apartment until the super athletic ones have passed.

Nada Surf: Do It Again ::this is a perfect song::
Rogue Wave: You Could Never Publish My Love
The Long Winters: Stupid
Death Cab For Cutie: For What Reason


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I posted about Rocky last week (i think). He is phenomenal. Nice blog you got going here. MMPA is also really good. Pitchfork hated on their latest record, but I still dig it. Not as good as Emblems, but still good!

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