Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Bears are Craig Ramsey and Charlie McArthur. They each play multiple instruments: guitar, bass, keys, bells... handclaps. I can do that, too. They are poppy and simple and will make you smile.

Stream their songs at their MySpace page. You can also purchase one of their honey bear T-Shirts for $10. Craig and Charlie custom screen each shirt, so you get to choose the color ink and T-Shirt that you would like. How's that for customer service?

Odds and ends...
MOKB has mp3s posted from Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins' upcoming LP Rabbit Fur Coat. The songs are beautiful.

Monday, November 28, 2005

Student Film

Student Film: All My Decisions Are Executive. Student Film is Justin Rice (vocals/guitar), Zac Davis (keyboards/guitar), Sethy McCarroll (bass/vocals), and Eric Nauni (drums/vocals). They write dreamy, sweet songs that you'll like.

Whirling Dervish
Oxiconteniental Breakfast

Be the band's friend at My Space and download more music from Pure Volume.

Odds and ends...
Prison Break? To say that I can't wait for the new episodes in March is an understatement.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Presents for good little boys and girls

Bon Savants: Why This Could Never Work Between Us. Perfect lyric: "You look so out of place/cause your eyes outshine even the brightest stars, brightest stars."

Odds and ends...
Dearest readers, I've been a little unmotivated and exhausted, so hopefully this will all change soon. I can't have any more falling-asleep-on-the-subway scares any more. That is something that this Midwestern transplant is not comfortable with.

I'm writing all this because Page France is playing tomorrow at Sin-e. I will have to get a good night's sleep, drink lots of coffee tomorrow, and think happy thoughts so I can make it to the show. Michael Nau is not to be missed.

China Light. Snowden has posted their Licorice EP. It's 3 Christmas-y songs that will jazz up how you deck the halls this year. "China White" is the 1 original song on the EP. I like the mellow remakes + 1; however, one of my more opinionated second graders shared that Snowden, "won't get any presents this year if they don't cheer up!" I guess a field trip on December 8th to see Snowden at Mercury Lounge is out of the question.

Download the rest of the Licorice EP here.

Saturday night...
The Underrated Magazine and Liberated Matter are hosting a show this Saturday at Pianos. The line up inclues The Undisputed Heavyweights, A Brief Smile, Paula Valstein, and The Teenage Prayers. $7 for a show can't be beat.

Friday, November 25, 2005

Please don't tell my dad

The Elected: Greetings in Braille. This gem of a song is from The Elected's album Me First. Jenny Lewis's voice dips in and out of this track as she lends some support to Blake Sennett, her fellow Rilo Kiley partner in crime.

Sub Pop Records is releasing The Elected's LP Sun, Sun, Sun on January 24th. Interesting fact about the upcoming LP: "recorded largely in motel rooms while singer/songwriter Blake Sennett was on tour with his other band, Rilo Kiley, the album is propelled by the kind of unsettled, exploratory impetus that is only native to the American open road."

Thursday, November 24, 2005

We laugh indoors

"When we laugh indoors; the blissful tones bounce off the walls and fall to the ground.
Peel the hardwood back to let them loose from decades trapped and listen so still."
Death Cab for Cutie: We Laugh Indoors

Happy Thanksgiving. Feel free to cook, laugh, tease, argue, eat, and drink along to the tunes below.

Cracklin Moth: Red Bird
Rocky Votolato: White Daisy Passing
South San Gabriel: The Dark of Garage
Agent Simple: Make a Right At Jordfallsmotet
Finest Dearest: Idaho
The Diggs: Just Like You Say (demo)
Death Cab for Cutie: A Movie Script Ending

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I'm on the curb smiling

Bound Stems: Wake Up, Ma and Pa Are Gone. There are times when I am reminded completely as to why I love music. The Chicago-based band Bound Stems has added another song to my collection of Music That Matters. The track starts off whispery and hushed, and slowly begins to build with the support of a drum that kicks along with the bass. I love how different sounds are layered on top of one another; the effect creates a lovely lush and full sound. As you head off for your Thanksgiving vacations, take this song about homecoming along with you. "Well I shake my head at how perfect some song is sounding in my car." How many of us have said this exactly? Now you can think and sing it all at the same time.

Buy their EP The Logic of Building the Body Plan at Insound.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday, Sunday...

Beat Radio: Everything Is Temporary. Oh, Brian. He steals my heart over and over again, and this song is no execption. Beat Radio is playing in Williamsburg at the Trash Bar on Wednesday, November 23rd. I have a feeling that I will be too tired to make it out there (remember: 7 year olds are deceptively brutal), but all of you with office jobs have no excuses.

Odds and ends...
Playing for Fun. Malcom Sosa from Rademacher sends me funny emails that make me laugh. I know he doesn't email all of you, but maybe this song will make you happy, too. While you listen to "Playing for Fun," imagine that you're a pirate sloshing around with your cup of ale. Or not. I don't know.

I think I'll go for a walk outside...
Like a good teacher, I am inside writing lesson plans and dreaming of being outside in the sun. Hopefully these tunes will get me through the day.

Harlem Shakes: Josh Studies
Field Notes: Who's Fooling Who?
The Cribs: Hey, Scenesters!
American Analog Set: Born on the Cusp
Richard Swift: As I Go

Sunday, November 13, 2005

De da de da de

Venice Is Sinking: Pulaski Heights. Here's a beautiful tune from the Athens, Georgia band Venice Is Sinking. There's some echo-y goodness to this song and I like the haunting harmonizing at the end of the track.

Venice Is Sinking will release their LP in March 2006. They currently have a split EP out with another Georgia band called What We Do Is Secret. You can purchase the $5 Split EP here.

Odds and ends...
I'm obsessed with the new Zales commercials that show an exceptionally chisled man agonzing over how to present his overpriced diamond gift to his equally stunning girlfriend. I was a little taken aback when I realized it was for Zales, but David Bowie and Queen's "Under Pressure" speaks to my little indie heart.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Greatest Love Song Ever

Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire. I was thinking about how love isn't normally equated with eternal damnation, but I guess most of us haven't loved Mr. Johnny Cash. I guess it would be hard to confess your love for someone when both parties are married, and one of whom, at least, believes in sin and hell fire. Add to infidelity, drug and alcohol addiction, and you have the foundation for the greatest love song ever. When describing what it felt like to fall in love with Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash said, "I felt like I had fallen in a pit of fire and I was literally burning alive." First recorded by June Carter Cash's sister, Johnny Cash's version of "Ring of Fire" is particularly interesting when you consider he is singing a song written by his lover about why loving him will land her in hell. And I thought my love life was difficult.

Check out the web site for the movie Walk the Line. The "Johnny Cash Family Tree" is particularly interesting.

Love songs that don't feature brimstone...
Dension Witmer: Are You Lonely
Great Lake Swimmers: Various Stages
Will Johnson: Just to Know What You've Been Dreaming
Rogue Wave: Every Moment

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Daydream believer...

Rademacher: Careful with That. If we were all from California, would life be sweeter? I imagine that our faces would be sun-kissed, our clothes loose and thin, and our sea-salted hair would be tossled with that just-right unkempt look. We would drive clunky cars with Rademacher bumperstickers on the windowshields and listen to shimmery, melodic tunes. Naturally our windows would be down and when we stopped at red lights we would sing to the people in the car next to ours, "we are the children of the new revolution."

Odds and ends...

Bad days at work require a musical pick me up.

Aqueduct: Growing Up with GNR
Sleater-Kinney: Jumpers
Rogue Wave: Publish My Love
Ester Drang: Come Back Alive
Serene Lakes: Last Call
Todd Deatherage: Every Day Is a Fight
Robbers on High Street: Japanese Girls
Blanket: The Long Gravel Path

Now, it's time to find out who's going to die on Lost.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Not Too Hard

Soft: Higher. This song is just right. "Higher" is a little Oasis-y, a little Stone Roses-esque; lovely, echoing harmonies set alongside crashing drums and guitars. I'm not sure what to say about the New York-based band Soft that would be fitting enough. In a recent interview with PopMatters, lead singer John Reineck explained, "these songs [that we're writing], I envision them being played in a soccer stadium filled with 80,000 fans." I can totally see that in this band's future. KCRW and KEXP have Soft's songs in rotation, their EP is #5 on InSound's best seller list, and now they are on my IPod.

Buy the Soft EP from Insound.

Nest: Talking In Your Sleep. Today is the day for amazingly beautiful songs. Nest is Ayana (vocals), Ivan (piano), Greg (guitar), and Karen (drums). Together they created "Talking In Your Sleep," a melodic and honest song about a relationship coming to an end. Here's a taste: "Last year was a good year/ the kind that could serve as a model for other years/ I must have some bargaining power/ After all, don't you still love me?" Can't you see her perched on the edge of the bed watching her lover sleep as she whispers her plea? I don't know about you, butI'm crushed.

Nest's EP is due out in December. So mark your calendars and download this song in the meantime.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

I Want It That Way

Rocky Votolato: White Daisy Passing. Here's my new obsession: Rocky Votolato. "White Daisy Passing" has beautful harmonies backed by a simple guitar melody. The lyrics will take your breath away: "Please slow it down/ There's a secret magic password that you only notice when you're looking back at it/All I want to do is turn around/I'm going down to sleep on the bottom of the ocean." Barsuk is releasing his album Makers in January. Until then check out the mp3s below from Rocky's previous albums.

Suicide Medicine
Without Eyes Still Seeing
Odds and ends...
Pedro the Lion: The Longest Winter. David Bazan is currently on tour with Headphones. That's special and all, but I am really missing some good Pedro the Lion. I need some morality songs that remind me of what Jesus would do. I suppose Page France will hold me over for now, but not for too long. David Bazan is playing some solo dates in December. He won't be in my neighborhood, but maybe he's stopping by yours.

Sun 12/04: San Francisco CA - Bottom of the Hill - w/ Rosie Thomas
Tue 12/06: Los Angeles CA - Knitting Factory Hollywood - w/ Rosie Thomas
Wed 12/07: Los Angeles CA - Largo - w/ Rosie Thomas
Fri 12/09: Seattle WA - The Crocodile Cafe - w/ Rosie Thomas

The Underrated Magazine's seventh issue release party is on November 18th at Crash Mansion. On Friday, Rachael posted the musical guide to the issue seven, and it is lovely and amazing. This was to be expected considering she has awesome taste in music. Make sure you check it out.

Said the Gramophone led me to this funny video of two college roommates lip synching to The Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way." Make sure you watch the guy on the left. He's loving it.

Love songs...
Lately my love life has been mimicking the song Hey, Boy (The Blow). However, last night I was pumped because I had a date with, what seemed like, a normal, artistic fellow. I thought maybe this encounter will be like Feels like Falling in Love (The Arrogants). But, ladies and gentlemen, I'm sad to report that it was more like We Can't Work It Out (Biirdie). I hoping sooner than later I'll click with someone who will burst into Cinnamon (The Long Winters) whenever he's around me.

The NYC Marathon route is on my street. Last year, I tried to dodge and weave in between the runners. That was a bad idea. This year I won't leave my apartment until the super athletic ones have passed.

Nada Surf: Do It Again ::this is a perfect song::
Rogue Wave: You Could Never Publish My Love
The Long Winters: Stupid
Death Cab For Cutie: For What Reason

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

We still love Matt Pond PA

Matt Pond PA: Grave's Disease. Richard Paloeichuk was nice enough to send sketches that he drew at the Matt Pond PA show at First Ave in Minneapolis. I think this one is particularly beautiful, so I'm pairing it with one of my favorite Matt Pond PA songs. And if you haven't given Several Arrows Later a chance, I would. The O.C. or not, the music is still quality.

Ice Cream Headache: Guantanamo. With lyrics like " I don't wanna go to Guantanamo! / They got junkyard dogs and Karl Rove in Guantanamo!," I'm assuming Bush doesn't have Ice Cream Headache on his list of favorites. However, you can listen and decide for yourself.

Odds and ends...
Trick and the Heartstrings: Music U Want 2 Dance 2. On Saturday, November 5th, Trick and the Heartstrings are playing a show at Mercury Lounge. I've posted on these guys before. I told you they were amazing then, and I bet they still are.