Saturday, October 22, 2005

You didn't think there was payment due

Never underrated.
There are rumors of a show in New York on November 18th that will totally change our lives forever. Don't believe me? Click here.

The Feverfew: By Now. Brooklyn songstress The Feverfew is on tour with some winter show dates with This Charming Man. I would definitely recommend seeing Bethany Spiers perform live. To see tour dates, click here.

Odds and ends...

Most likely inspired by last week's rainy weather, I was listening to "Cloud Prayer" from A.C. Newman's solo album Slow Wonder. I don't know if you have given this track a real focused listen, but it's amazing. Although I have had this album for a long time, I felt like I had just really heard "Cloud Prayer" for the first time. The first 10 seconds are pure genius with the drums that mimic rain clouds and the tambourine introducing the sound of falling rain. It takes my breath away.

Anyway... A.C. Newman is my hero.

A.C. Newman: Drink to Me Babe Then
A.C. Newman: Miracle Drug
The New Pornographers: The Laws Have Changed

From the school house...
Today the second graders learned that when you count by 2's, 110 comes directly after 108. This is a huge discovery considering they were adamant that 200 followed 108. Now if they could only figure out what came after 208, they would be golden.

Architecture in Helsinki: It's 5!


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