Wednesday, October 05, 2005

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Biirdie: To Know That You Need Me. Biirdie is two boys and lovely girl, who dream on paper. Set to music, their songs are tiny packages of confessions of love, tiny jealousies, and pledges of affection. I imagine this is what singers Fred Lamm and Kala Savage whisper to one another late at night while watching the stars.

"To Know That You Need Me" reminds me of what love was when we were young: simple, naive, and full of unkept, but well intentioned promises. There was time when just knowing that certain someone was there made us feel safe; a time when need equalled love.

Stream "To Know That You Need Me" at the band's MySpace page. You can also purchase the LP Morning Kills the Dark at the band's web site or download it from iTunes.

Robyn: Show Me Love. Do you remember the Swedish singer Robyn? She had the sugary sweet pop hits "Do You Know (What It Takes)" and "Show Me Love" that were ubiquitous during the spring of 1996. I confess dancing like a maniac to these songs, and I'm sure there was some hairbrush microphoning going on. Well, Robyn has a new album out and, according to Pitchfork, it's "as stupidly ebullient as any record released this year." With a rating of 8.2, I am suddenly intrigued. Robyn's official web site frustrated more than helped me, and I haven't been able to find any tracks online. So, if anyone out there in the vast world of the Internet could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it. And then we can all do some hairbursh microphoning.


Last night I saw The Decemberists at Webster Hall and was reminded why live music matters to me. There is something extremely special about how music can suddenly bond a seemingly unconnected group of people. And honestly, my face hurt from the smile that planted itself on my face. The show was truly amazing. So amazing that I forgive Webster Hall for having a crappy sound system, the overbearing men who spilled beer on me, and the hairy-armed fellow who was trying to elbow me out of my prime location. Everything was perfect once The Decemberists took the stage. Everything from dancing with the person next to me and being swallowed by a whale (it never gets old), to sitting on the sticky Webster Hall floor on Colin Maloy's command, was perfect. I like when my grown-up self feels like a kid again.

Under a rock...

Elbow. Where have I been? Hopefully, you won't need this link, but in case you do... Borrowed Tunes has mp3's and a great write-up on Elbow's latest LP Leaders of the Free World.


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