Saturday, October 08, 2005

Maybe I should forget that I met you

Valley Lodge: All My Loving. The Beatles promised to give you all their love, and so does Valley Lodge. "All My Loving" is a poppy, multi-layered song that will quickly have you singing the chorus in earnest. I imagine Valley Lodge as a group of fun-loving guys who write upbeat love songs that make their could-be-but-won't-be exes smile. And any song that involves a cowbell is a indie don't dance favorite.

New Yorkers, catch Valley Lodge on November 2 at Sine-e.
Purchase Valley Lodge's CD Valley Lodge here.

Feeling inspired...
With South of Mainstream's post on That Dog and Throwing Muses, I'm feeling nostalgic for high school again. I'm sure I don't need to do any background fillers on Belly and there's no need to explain how wonderful their albums Star and King still sound.

Belly made music that was loaded with beautiful imagery that got stuck in your mind. Tanya Donelly said in 1993 Billboard interview that: "the main thing I want to do with Belly is make powerful guitar-oriented music that could never be considered just"---she can't hold back a big laugh---"creepy pop songs! When music is important, it's because you can make useful connections for people, instead of hiding behind the noise."

"Feed the Tree" was a big radio hit, but here are two of my favorites from each album.

Star: Full Moon, Empty Heart
King: Now They'll Sleep

Odds and ends...
Finest Dearest's EP Pacemaker arrived in my mailbox this morning. Buy your copy here.


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