Saturday, October 29, 2005


Page France: Junkyard: Singer-songwriter-music magician Michael Nau has a gift for words and melodies that is beyond magical. When I listen to this song, I imagine children with makeshift crowns and pirate hats, scrambling over debris as they conjur up hidden kingdoms and slay unseen dragons. There couldn't be a more perfect song.

And to all you New Yorkers: Page France is playing at Sin-e on November 29th.

Odds and ends...
Dirty on Purpose: Live from Boston. You can download live tracks from Dirty on Purpose's show at the Lizard Lounge in Boston. The set list is good, but the sound is not super great. You will have to turn it up if you want the vocals to come through.

From the school house...
Who knew second graders had boyfriends and girlfriends? Who knew they would want to hold hands while learning how to count by 3's? Who knew trading shoestrings was a sign of affection, commitment, and ownership? Where are the cootie shots when you need them?

The Harvey Girls: Practicing.


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