Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Cass McCombs

EDIT: So my friend just called to point out that we are going to see Sons & Daughters open for the The Decemberists. Not Cass McCombs. Dammit! And she wanted me to add that she is not too cool for school.

Sometimes my friends are too cool for school and don't like to get to shows early enough to catch the opening band. However, tonight I am adamant about making it to Webster Hall in time to see Cass McCombs.

Pitchfork gave his latest album PREfection a 7.4 and describes McCombs as an wandering American (song)writer in the tradition of Steinbeck or Hemingway. Many songs conjure up The Cure and Morrissey with their melancholic edge. Plus McCombs's tossled hair and velvety voice are swoon-worthy.

Sacred Heart (mp3)
From A: I Went to the Hospital (mp3)


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