Thursday, September 29, 2005

New album, new cellist, new tour.

There's some exciting news from the matt pond PA web site... and there's some news that makes me scratch my head and say, "huh?"

1) The new album Several Arrows Later is due out on October 11th.

2) New band member Dana Feder will be accompanying the band on tour filling in where Eve Miller left off. Sigh of relief because the cello is a beautiful instrument.

3) matt pond PA is filming a video. Take it or leave it. I'm not judgemental.

4) OK... this is the part where I have to take back the "non-judgemental" comment because matt pond PA is going on tour with Liz Phair. Whether you stay for Liz Phair or not, the tour might be in your neighborhood soon.

5) matt pond PA is sticking their tongues out to those who pooh-pooh their exposure on the OC. Straight from the web site: for those that are have something to say music, television, and credibility - please don't... not to us at least. we believe that these three things are not exclusive of each other. that in fact, what the OC actually does is promote and embiggen.... there is an infinite amount of things to discuss, things that are valid, things that can advance change. this is not one of them.

I like Seth Cohen so I'm not saying anything.

Lily One (mp3)


Blogger callmemickey said...

the university of penn student newspaper crapped on the new matt pond pa album for being more rocking and edgier.. i say that edgier is a good thing

11:42 PM  

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