Sunday, September 11, 2005

Fall: In love.

I've been told that springtime is for lovers and that the torrid summer fling is a must-do. However, I think that autumn is the best time for a sweet romance. Walks under trees with changing leaves, bulky sweaters, and cups of warm apple cider spell l-o-v-e. So, here's a soundtrack to accompany you on your softly sunlit Sunday stroll through the park.

Page France: So Sweetly Around Me (mp3)
Damien Rice: Be My Husband (mp3)
Iron and Wine: Naked As We Came (mp3)
John Vanderslice: The Mansion (mp3)

When winter comes along, it will probably be time to break up. It's just so darn hard to cuddle while wearing gloves, scarves, and bulky coats. If so, play this as you walk out the door.

Rosie Thomas: Wedding Day (mp3)


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