Friday, August 19, 2005

The White Birch

Taking their name from Codeine's last album, the Norwegian band The White Birch is composed of Ola Fl√łttum, Hans Christian Almendingen, and Ulf Rogde. Warm, cascading arrangements push Ola's voice to the fore and the end product is nothing less than gorgeous. Ola's voice is hushed and whispering, and adds intimacy to lyrics such as "you can tell me about the useless sea/and we can dance like diamond theives at the fair." Yes, Ola. Let's dance.

The White Birch's follow-up to their LP Star Is Just a Sun is scheduled for November 2005.

From their upcoming LP Come Up for Air:
Your Spain (mp3)

Star Is Just a Sun:
Beauty King (mp3)

It's beautiful and lovely and sweet, right?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the most beautiful music <3

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