Sunday, August 21, 2005

Teen Choice Awards 2005 or the reason why our nation's youth are not allowed to vote for elected officials

The Teen Choice Awards 2005 are Tuesday night on Fox. I forgot to vote; however, it looks like America's youth learned from the mistakes of their elders and made their voices heard. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? You be the judge. What I find interesting about the Teen Choice Awards are the various categories. There are your everyday ones: favorite female artist, favorite comedy, etc. However, there are awards for categories that I never knew existed: favorite make-out song, favorite movie blush scene. What's that? I guess everyone is good at something. Apparently, Hilary Duff is an expert blusher, so let's give her a prize!

You can check out the entire list of this year's winners, but I listed a few of my favorites below:

Choice Music Make-Out Song: "Oh," Ciara featuring Ludacris
Choice Music Female Artist: Kelly Clarkson
Choice Music Party Starter: "Don't Phunk With My Heart," The Black Eyed Peas
Choice Summer Song: "Behind These Hazel Eyes," Kelly Clarkson
Choice Movie Blush Scene: Hilary Duff, A Cinderella Story
Choice Hottie Female: Rachel Bilson
Choice Hottie Male: Chad Michael Murray
Choice Rap Artist in a Movie: Nelly, The Longest Yard
Choice Movie Rockstar Moment: Ashton Kutcher, A Lot Like Love

Congratulations to Kelly Clarkson. She won three awards. You go, girl!

Kelly Clarkson vs. American Analog Set: Since U Been Hard 2 Find (mp3)

If I am being honest here, the Kelly Clarkson vs. AAS mash-up is awesome. I actually found myself singing along.

::Thanks to Stereogum for the link::


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Choice Rap Artist in a Movie

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