Monday, August 08, 2005


My new obsession is Swedish singer-songwriter Anna Ternheim. Her debut album Somebody Outside is soulful and dark. She sings about those feelings that we like to avoid--loneliness, heartache, and fear-- and she does it so beautifully. Her LP was released in Europe in 2004, but it has yet to be released in the United States. However, you can order her album from the British-based website Free shipping from the UK! What could be better?

Womensfolk has two mp3's available from Somebody Outside:

To Be Alone (mp3)
Shoreline (mp3)

It might seem like a lot to get your hands on this album (i.e., ordering from a British website, etc.); however, it is definitely worth it.

To continue the focus on Swedish music, here's some sugary goodies from The Cardigans:

Life: Tomorrow (mp3) ...savefile link...
First Band on the Moon: Step on Me (mp3) ...savefile link...
Gran Turismo: Do You Believe? (mp3) ...savefile link...
Long Gone Before Daylight: Couldn't Care Less (mp3) ...savefile link...


Blogger Craig said...

I'm liking your blog, very impressive for your first month?! Here's a link to my Cardigans post and their new song on my swedish only blog swedesplease

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