Friday, August 19, 2005

Summer Lawns

"They position intimate vocals and songwriting amid a grand backdrop of lush instrumentation, creating songs that are at once both shimmering and spare, as if Nick Drake sat down for drinks with Yo La Tengo in Low’s palatial kitchen at 3 a.m." -- Label bio

What a way for your band's bio to begin, and I think the comparisions are well deserved.

Summer Lawns has become a staple on the WOXY playlist, so my interest has been piqued for a while now. I finally shook off the lazies, and visited the Summer Lawns' website. Here's what I found.

Formed in 2003 in Brooklyn, New York, Summer Lawns is composted of Jeremy Linzee (vocals, guitar), Andrew Landry (guitar, keyboards), Laurel Birkey (cello, vocals), and Kieran Kelly (drums). Their label bio compares their music to Ingmar Bergman films, saying: "Summer Lawns’ music sets out to ask the quiet and strange questions about what it means to be human: whispering, urgent, waiting for something to happen." Which to me translates as: They play haunting music that may remind you of Travis on a good day.

You can stream their entire LP First We Waited... Then It Started, and it's also available at Insound.


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