Friday, August 26, 2005

Magnolia Summer

It's that time of year when summer will intersect with fall to create those crisp, temperate days. This time of year requires some good, country-tinged soul music that would accompany a picture-picture sunset. Maybe a little Wilco, a bit of the Jayhawks, or the St. Louis band Magnolia Summer.

Magnolia Summer released their Levers and Pulleys record in 2003. Led by songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Chris Grabau, what was once a recording project has evolved into a band that plays sweet Americana music. The St. Louis paper The Riverfront Times wrote that Levers and Pulleys "is a record worth of late nights, faded photographs and wistful recollections."

Summer Moon (mp3)
You can also stream songs at the band's My Space page. Follow, follow, follow...

As always, Levers and Pulleys is available at Insound.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

another indie don't dance blog!!

i have a little suggestion: put the band and album title in the "alt=" field (instead of so we know what you are (not) dancing to.

10:23 AM  
Blogger ghettoMuppet said...

what anonymous said...

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