Sunday, August 21, 2005

Labrador Records in the Neighborhood

A comment on a recent indie don't dance post:

we'll have the sambassadeur full-length back up on monday and will eventually offer the bulk of the Labrador Records catalog as well. we can't help it, their bands are just too good.

Labrador Records is a great Swedish label that hosts some very solid bands. It is definitely worth the time to visit their website and discover new bands. Let's celebrate with some Labrador Records tunes, shall we?

Edson was formed by Pelle Carlberg in the summer of 1998, and he named the band after the great soccer player Edson Arantes do Nascimento, i.e. Pelé. When the Mind Suffers, the Body Cries Out (mp3)

The Legends are nine persons who play drums, guitars, tambourine, organ, bass and sings. Many of the members have never played their instruments before which just adds excitement to the short and intensive gigs. Their new LP Public Radio will be released on September 14. He Knows the Sun (mp3)

Suburban Kids with Biblical Names wants to ”turn all the dance floors into a burnings inferno of Ba-ba-ba” to quote the Kids themselves. And mark their words, with songs like “Rent a wreck”, they are destined to do so. Their untitled LP will be released on October 12. Rent a Wreck (mp3)

The band of Sambassadeur began one night at Joachim’s small apartment where Daniel and Joachim had got together for recording a song. Despite the fact that they where too shy to even look at each other when first playing their songs, the short session resulted in the recording of the song “There you go." New Moon (mp3)

And naturally, you will buy some Labrador Records music when it becomes available at Neighborhoodies.


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