Monday, August 15, 2005

Jim Yoshii Pile Up

I don't know who Jim Yoshii is or why he is piled up; nevertheless, I do like the California band The Jim Yoshii Pile Up. I guess it's important to be creative and stand out in this era of the "the + plural noun" bands. I wouldn't recommend listening to JYPU if you're contemplating the sad state of the world. JYPU tends to lean towards the melancholy and downright depressing; the topic of mental illness is not normally something that lights up a room. However, frontman Paul Gonzenbach sings his heart out like there's no tomorrow. The passion in his voice probably stems from the fact that Gonzenbach places his struggle with depression center stage in his lyrics. My intention is not to present JYPU as a band that sings pat songs with the theme of "my-parents-didn't- love-me-and-now-I'm-messed-up." They honestly play intensely pretty and intimate songs.

From Pick Us Apart:
Silver Sparkler (mp3)

From Homemade Drugs:
Reckless Driving (mp3)

All of The Jim Yoshii Pile Up's albums are available at Insound.

JYPU is currently on tour. Check them out if you have the chance:
August 17: Toronto. Sneaky Dee's
August 18: Montreal. Casa Del Popol
August 19: Cambridge, MA. Middle East
August 20: New York. Mercury Lounge
August 21: Philadelphia. Khyber
August 22: Washington. Warehouse Next Door
August 23: Atlanta. Drunken Unicorn
August 24: Jackson, MS. Martin's Lounge
August 25: Houston. Mary Jane's
August 26: Austin. Emo's
August 27: Denton. Hailey's
August 28: Oklahoma City. Conservatory
September 2: Berkeley. Rasputin's Records In-Store
September 3: San Francisco. Rickshaw Stop


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