Monday, August 01, 2005

In the Beginning...

There's always the first post to introduce a new blog. So please be kind...

Summertime means lounging on my couch and trying my best not to melt in the heat. To while away the time, I am stationed in front of two fans on the highest setting possible and listening to The Most Serene Republic's album Underwater Cinematographer. I adore this album primarily because it takes me back to my days in college when Death Cab for Cutie was all the rage. The album is very dreamy and punchy all at the same time, which, in my opinion, is very difficult to do well. However, The Most Serene Republic does a deft job of singing sweetly and rocking out. This is probably one of the reasons I really like this band.

So, while you are sitting in front of your fan, dig this:

Content Was Always My Favorite Colour (mp3)

Enough said.


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