Sunday, August 14, 2005

I am a dreamer...

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Denison Witmer's latest album Are You a Dreamer? has me wrapped around its finger. Putting on this album is like having a very optimistic and comforting friend talk you through your most painful moments. The Philly singer-songerwriter collaborated with Karen and Don Peris from Innocence Mission and Sufjan Stevens to create this intensely beautiful album.

On his website, Witmer says that Are You a Dreamer is "about finding peace and remaining hopeful in a situation that feels completely out of control. A lot of people are feeling defeated right now. We're full of anxiety associated with our society's pressure to become something more important than what we feel we currently are. We're constantly being told that if we're not moving forward (or able to prove how we've gotten to where we are with perfect checks and balances) then we can't be trusted or taken seriously. Are You A Dreamer is giving in to life's mysteries, picking yourself back up, and continuing to go for it even in the face of a string of failures."

As much as I enjoy Are You a Dreamer, my favorite Witmer song is still "Are You Lonely?" from his EP The River Bends and Flows into the Sea. This song actually makes me yearn for the days of having a long distance boyfriend. We would definitely curl up on the couch to this one...

Are You Lonely? (mp3)


Blogger Craig said...

I like the record too...wrote about it on Songs:Illinois a while ago. Link to the mp3 doesn't work though.

1:14 PM  
Blogger indie don't dance said...

Link is fixed.

And: thanks for leaving comments. It makes me feel all warm inside.

11:04 PM  
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Blogger Angela Dixon said...

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