Thursday, August 18, 2005


The electro/punk/rock duo Dynasty opened for Smoosh last night at the Knitting Factory. The eclectic Dynasty consists of saxophonist-guitarist Seth Misterka and vocalist-bassist Jennifer DeVeau. These two jazzy electro-punk musicians put on quite the show. Dynasty's music is an interesting mix of jazzy saxophone solos, synthesized beats, and rock guitar. To top it all of, Jennifer DeVeau has this amazing voice that whispers, shouts, and demands your attention. Plus, she's a diva in the tradition of Bjork: when she's not seducing the audience with her voice, she has the most radiant smile on her face as she hops around Seth Misterka and poses around the stage.

Dynasty has four mp3s available for download on their site, but my favorite track is listed below.

Turn It On (mp3) ::highly recommended::

You can also stream two-minute long samples from their LP Black Box at CD Baby.


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