Friday, August 12, 2005

Baker's Dozen

I had breakfast at my favorite bakery today, and my tummy and I are very content. If you live in Brooklyn and haven't been to Blue Sky Bakery, you're definitely missing out. They have interesting muffin varieties (blackberry-plum, for instance), and somehow Blue Sky is able to bake their muffins so they are crispy on the outside, but warm and soft on the inside. Plus, they were listening to Neneh Cherry this morning, and you can't beat that!

In honor of the bakers at Blue Sky, here's my baker's dozen:

Rilo Kiley: Science vs Romance (mp3)
Raising the Fawn: Gwendolyn (mp3)
The Jim Yoshi Pile Up: Silver Sparkler (mp3)
The National: Wasp Nest (mp3)
Sambassadeur: Whatever Season (mp3)
John Vanderslice: Exodus Damage (mp3)
Doveman: Teacup (mp3)
The High Strung: N Over C (mp3)
Dracula Zombie USA: Thomas Window Paine (mp3)
Madison Strays: Last Train (mp3)
Cloud Cult: Outside of Your Skin (mp3)
The Long Winters: Blue Diamonds (mp3)
Maxi Geil & Playcolt: Here Comes Maxi (mp3) ...the greatest intro to a live set ever...


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